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Bulb Tastic Planting Kit - 9 Bulbs & Driftwood effect container. From Dug Plant Box

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We are excited to introduce our new Bulb Tastic Planting Kit !  9 Beautiful Tulip & Daffodil Bulbs from Dug Plant Box

Bulb tastic!!

The autumn in gardening is synonymous with bulbs.  And for good reason, this is the ideal time to plant these stunning plants.  By planting this time of year, we are planning ahead to get some colour in the garden in the early spring of next year.  Bulbs need a cold period over the winter to put on a good display.  Without that cold period, we can often get disappointing results.  That means it’s important your container goes outside where the elements can get to it and work their magic.

 The Kit comprises of : 

3 packets of 3 different variety Bulbs. ( 9 in total)Each bag will be labelled. We have currently over 30 different varieties of bulbs. They will be randomly picked from our Tulip and Daffodil bulbs.  The colour ranges from pure white to deep purple, going through pinks, orange, red, golds and everything in-between.

A lovely plastic Driftwood effect Cask container that has featured in our October dug plant box.  This is a modern stylish window box, ideal for any space.  The planter is perfect for spring bulbs, shrubs and plants. A very versatile and sturdy lightweight container. Made from recycled plastics, it has drainage holes, UV and frost resistant, this planter is built for all weather conditions. Rectangular 30cm.

A Glossy leaflet with a step by step guide to planting your bulbs. 

Scanned QR code which will take you directly to a video on how to plant your bulbs, personally made for you, by Alan of Newlands Nursery. 

Please note to keep prices as low as possible, we can not take requests for specific varieties.

Top tips on growing bulbs in pots

Most bulbs grow very well in pots and containers.  This is especially true of Daffodils and Tulips. These are some tips that will help you to grow bulbs successfully in containers.

Remember drainage

The last thing we want is for our bulbs to sit too wet.  This is particularly the case as we are taking them though the winter where, almost inevitably, we will be getting more rain.  When you are potting bulbs up adding some crocks, gravel, or stones to the base of the container really helps the compost drain.

Use good quality compost.

Multi-purpose compost works well for bulbs but if you can use a compost with some added food - such as a slow-release fertiliser - your bulbs will thank you.  This can, of course, be added after.