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Bidens Sunbird Compact

The Sunbird collection of Bidens have been one of the best additions to our hanging basket and container range for years. The stunning free flowering plants will be covered in flowers from mid spring all the way to the end of the summer. This is a plant that looks as good in a a hanging basket as it does a container. A real head turning range of plants.

Like a sunny to partial shade and is happy in all soils
Height and Spread:
Grows to a height of 20cm and will spread 35cm.
Not hardy in the UK, will need protection for the frost. Grows well outside in the UK all summer.

Will each variety be labeled?
Yes. Each pot will be labelled so you know what you are getting.
Will I get the plants in the picture?
You will not get exactly the same plant as in the picture but the picture shows you what your plant will grow into.

Are these plants garden ready?
Yes, all of these plants have been hardened off. Being in a 9cm pot you may choose to pot them into a larger pot first which will help them grow quicker.