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Bergenia 'Bressingham White' perennial plant

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An extremely attractive evergreen perennial plant that keeps quiet low to the ground making it ideal for ground cover or growing under trees or slopes. Bergenia (sometimes know as Elephant Ears) has deep green leaves which as you may imagine grow quite large, hence the common name.

It has been a staple in UK gardens for many years with good reason this low maintenance plant will fit nicely into some of the trickier spots to fill such as sloops, under trees or in coastal areas. But this Bergenia does not just have to be a space filler.  It is a stunning plant with elegant white flowers that cover the plant from spring into the summer.


Grows well in partial shade to full sun, prefers a well-drained but moist soil.


Grows to 35cm in height and will spread 1m over time


Fully hardy in the UK