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Beautiful baskets Planting Kit

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Beautiful baskets 

The summer would not be the summer without hanging baskets.  There is something special about a hanging basket that really brightens up a home, balcony, or garden.  Over the years we have grown tens of thousands of baskets for the public, gardens, pubs and local authorities and seeing them go from small plant to beautiful balls of hanging colour is special every time.  You are going to love growing this selection and I am sure you will get the same pleasure as we do.

This Product is one of our fantastic kits from the DUG Plant Box. Please note these are delivered from the 6th of April. 

Kit includes 5 Plug Plants, 5 Pot & 1 Rattan Hanging Basket. 

Let’s meet the varieties

Trailing Geranium Blanche Roche

A stunning trailing geranium that makes a fantastic centre of a basket. The glossy deep green leaves produce lots a white double flowers which have a blush of light pink in the centre of the blooms.

Surfinia White

A stunning trailing petunia.  These plants will flower and flower from late spring all the way through to the late summer.  The pure white flowers are a nice size and really do stand out.  A great addition to your basket.

Lobelia White star

A beautiful cutting raised lobelia that produces clouds of white flower all summer long.  This variety is far superior to the seedling types of lobelias, a fantastic plant that will produce a pure white canvas for your other plants to stand out.

Bidens White Yellow

A new addition to our basket range and it’s a fantastic addition.  This variety produces reasonably large flowers compared to other bidens, with some flowers growing to be over 4cm in size.  The plant will tumble over the side of a basket and you will be treated to the white flowers which have a lovely yellow centre from early summer into the autumn.

Fuchsia Blue Angel

An unusual colour, Fuchsia Blue Angel is really a stunning variety. The centre of the flowers are a light purple colour with the outer petals being a pure white.  As with many fuchsia, you will start seeing flowers in early summer all the way through to late summer.