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Bean time! sowing Kit



 Let’s meet the plants

 Climbing French Bean Sunshine 

A stunning climbing bean that is cream to yellow in colour.  The thin pods can reach as long as 15cm each.  This is a heavy cropping variety, that can be regularly picked from July all the way until October in good seasons.

Climbing French Bean Cobra 

A very popular French bean that has been known to be added to flower borders as well as growing to produce the beans.  The beans themselves are a light to dark green and can grow as long as 15cm each.  A bonus with this variety is the attractive flowers which will start appearing in late June.

Runner Bean Lady Di 

A heavy cropping runner bean that is completely stringless.  These really are delicious beans which have more flesh than many other varieties.  This is a heavy cropping runner bean that will produce beans all the way until the first frosts, if picked regularly.

Runner Bean Queen of Hearts 

A dwarf variety of runner bean that is perfect to grow in containers or large pots.  The plant itself will not grow any higher than 50cm making it ideal to place on a patio or by the back door.  The flowers are light pink to red in colour and produce a lot of tender beans.  If the beans are picked regularly, this is a very productive plant.

This Product is one of our fantastic kits from the DUG Plant Box. Please note these are delivered from the 6th of April.