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Basil Dark Lady Herb Plant

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Ocimum herbalea 'Dark Lady'
About the Basil 'Family': Basil, from the Lamiaccae family, is native to tropical regions from Africa to Southeast Asia and is used worldwide as a culinary herb. It's mostly used for its fresh leaves which generally have a slightly anise flavour with a strong, sweet smell and are added to dishes at the last moment as high temperatures will diminish the flavour. The leaves can also be dried although the a lot of the flavour is lost. The flower buds can also be eaten and have a more subtle flavour. Basil is classed as a tender herb and our varieties won't withstand a frost.
About Basil Dark Lady: A very attractive herb with dark red, almost black foliage fringed with a light green edge and a vigorous, upright habit. The foliage has a strong, spicy flavour and is great for adding to chicken or pasta dishes.
Grows to a height of around 30-50cm and spreads to around 50cm.