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Aralia Dizygothea Bianca in 9cm pot

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Sometimes known as the "False Aralia" this traditional houseplant has striking and delicate foliage. The "Bianca" in the name refers to the white/cream tinge to the edge of the leaves which contrasts very well with the mid-green almost teal centre. 

Height x Spread

Grows to 50cm in height and spread 30cm


Prefers moist soil but make sure it does not sit wet. Can tolerate full sun or partial shade. Avoid direct sunlight.

Care Tips

Likes to be in high humidity positions making it ideal for a terrarium of a bathroom but will grow on a window sill with no issues. If you are growing on the windowsill mist the leaves from time to time and it will thank you. 

Please note this product does not include the pot, the plant will be sent in a standard recyclable horticulture pot.