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6 x Trailing Hanging Basket Pansies starter plants "Freefall Series" Mixed colours

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Freefall Pansies are the choice of both the professional grower and gardener alike. Breed for their fantastic tailing habit they are the ideal choice for Autumn, Winter and early spring baskets or containers. 

This Pack consists of 6 jumbo plugs 2 each of 3 colours. Each pack can be used to fill 2 12" hanging baskets or containers.



Will I get the plants in the picture?

Maybe, The picture is of plants that we grow, and more than likely you will get some of these but we will select from the best plants of the moment.

Are all of these plants Hardy?

Yes. all of the plants in this selection are hardy in the UK

What is a Starter plant (plug plant)?

A plug plant is a small starter plant that is perfect to pot up in to a larger plant. We grow and sell so many of these because the allow us to do it for such a good price.