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Truggie - The Gardeners Tool Trolley


Built for gardeners, by gardeners

When Jim Smith was left without a shed at his bowling club he was suddenly presented with an issue. The solution gave birth to the Truggie “your shed on wheels”. When Jim sat down to make the Truggie he set out to make a tool for all gardeners, one that works, that lasts, and that makes gardening easier. In short, the Truggie has been designed by a gardener, for a gardener.

The metal construction gives you a robust tool trolley that is built to last. Combined with its carefully thought-out design the Truggie is easy to push around any garden making it easier for you to have the right tool at hand even if you are away from your shed.

  • Heavy-Duty, built to last
  • Plenty of storage for your tools, plants, rubbish, and much more
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Simple to assemble, all you need is a 10mm spanner

How much can the Truggie hold?

Each Truggie can hold 2 spades, 2 forks, Rakes, secateurs, rubbish bags, trowles, loopers, rubbish bags, and much more. Basically everything you need to do a great job done. The pneumatic tyres make it easy to pull over steps and other obstacles so you can get the Truggie where you want to work.