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The Ultimate Heuchera Collection - Newlands Platinum Jubilee 12 Plug Plants


A lovely collection of 12 stunning perennial Heuchera plants. This collection will bring colour to your garden all year round with there stunning foliage colours. These plants are very hardy and will come back year after year

What's included in this collection?

12 random plug plants. All Individually Labelled.

Our Varieties may include :  Binoche, Black Beauty, Champagne, Crazy Rasta, Red Lightening, Fire Chief & More.

I am sure you don't want to take down your beautiful hanging baskets just yet.....With Heucheras you can have vibrant colours in your baskets, throughout the Autumn and therefore keep your outside space luxuriating in all it's glory. They are hardy and perennials.

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Can I choose which varieties are in the pack?

Unfortunately not, the mixed pack are selected at the point of dispatch. It is one of the ways we keep the price down.

Will each variety be labelled? 

Yes. On the packaging, there is a label for each variety so you know exactly what variety you have had delivered.

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