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Special Tasty Chilli Collection - Newlands Platinum Jubilee 6 Established 9c Pots


Tasty Chillies Collection of 6 Established Chilli Plants.

6 of the best Chillies to cook with. 

Included in this collection will be : 6 Established Chilli Plants as below, all individually labelled. 

Chilli Farmers Jalapeno Heat 5/10 - Great Chilli to Stuff.

One of the strangest and most unusual chillies you will find. This variety is sometimes known as the "potato jalapeno" because the fruits skin have the appearance of a potato. The fruit start off looking as you would expect. As they mature the "corking" starts, this is the term for the flesh cracking and producing this unusual colour. This does not effect the taste, in fact in some parts of the world "corking" is desired.

Chilli Pellergreno Heat  7/10 - Great for Pasta

A very hot long chilli that really does have a kick, it's a lovely deep red fruit. Coming from Italy this Chilli is ideal for drying or cooking fresh. 

Chill Hot Lemon   Heat: 6/10 - Great for tangy sauces/salsa

Similar heat to Habanero with a lemon colour. Slightly lemon tasting Chillies.  Protect from drafts and keep in a warm spot. Ideal to grow in a greenhouse or window sill.

Chilli Serrano De Sol  Heat  6/10 - Great for Chilli & Taco's

A hard to find chilli in the UK. Serrano chillies are an essential part of Mexican cooking. They produce a medium crop of medium sized bullet shaped chillies.

Chilli Super Hot Thai Demon  Heat  7/10 - Great for Thai & Asian dishes

A Hot chilli plant that produces pure red long fruit that are ideal to add to cooking or very hot salads.

Chilli Joe E Parker  Heat 2/10 -  Great for just grilled or in salads.

Mild chilli that really is a fantastic inclusion to any collection. If you are looking for a chilli with flavour but not too hot this is a fantastic choice. The fruit are large and ripen to a light red. This variety can be found up and down New Mexico, at truck stops just being grilled. One for the true chilli lovers.