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Leucanthemum Collection - Newlands Platinum Jubilee 6 Established Pots


A lovely collection of 6 stunning perennial Leucanthemum plants. This collection will bring colour to your garden all summer into the autumn. These plants are very hardy and will come back year after year

What's included in this collection?

Each plant is potted in 9cm pots. All individually labelled.

These are all fondly known as crazy daisies. Easy to grow, colourful and fun. 

Leucanthemum Becky The petals are a neat, pure white colour with a lovely sun yellow centre. 

Leucanthemum Cream Puff  Stunning flowers which are light cream with a hint of yellow all the way through the summer. A really stunning plant that works just as well in a container

Leucanthemum Freak is a real crazy daisy. The name alone makes you want to grow this plant.  Beautiful flowers which are almost a fluffy looking white petal, centred with gold.

Leucanthemum La Spider The dark green foliage which will die back in the winter will bear these stunning flowers, which are a real full looking white petal, centred with golden yellow, a real showstopper.

Leucanthemum Ooh La La Grande A Grand Bloom, Stunning flowers which are a real full looking white petal, centred with bright golden yellow

Leucanthemum Sante will give you double pure white flowers, with a feathery magic look.